Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hit Me With Your Best Shot...FIRE AWAY

Ello Baykahs-
Here it is: SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. It is LITERALLY my favorite day of the year...the day that's ok to eat NOTHING but junk food ALL DAY and not feel one LICK of guilt! My favorite snack food??? Lay's Potato Chips...plain. I know, I know...very plain for a crazy flavor person like me...but sometimes it's just the true flavor of the potato and SALT that gets me. What else gets me??? BROWNIES....

We've been making brownie cupcakes every Friday for over five years, but this year I decided to do something DIFFERENT. February is our busiest month of the year, so of COURSE I wanted to add to my busYness by adding a NEW PRODUCT FOR VALENTINE'S DAY: Brownie CAKES!

These cakes were actually born from a packaging mistake. I had initially ordering packaging for another new product I had in mind for Christmas...and then the box arrive, and I saw that the bottoms were NOT tall enough. And there I was, NEW PRODUCTLESS ...and stuck with HUNDREDS of shallow pans. And then it hit me: THOSE ARE BROWNIE PANS!  So, since Valentine's Day is the PERFECT time to give a sweet, rich, decadent dessert to your LOVE I am now offering them ONLY that day. The tray serves 10...but it's cool to just give it to one person. They can eat off it for DAYS!!!

The brownie CAKE is seriously the BEST idea I've had in a while... The PB topped cake reminds me SO much of the hot lunch dessert I used to have in grade school that I have been trying to recreate for YEARS (yes, it was DELICIOUS). And the Mint reminds me of the Grasshopper cake that my best friend's mom used to make us when were were in middle school. It really is MY personal retro dessert.

I so rarely have good ideas anymore. Some days I feel like all my best ideas are behind me, so when they HIT, I am SO happy. I know it's good when I can't stop thinking about it....and these brownie cakes have been consuming me for a while. I hope you order YOURS if you're in Vegas because they are BY ORDER ONLY!!!

Call the shop...really.


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The Sweet, The Sassy and The Blur said...

I can totally relate to Lays potato chips. So much so I had to ban them form the house! Just can't eat just so true. Your brownie cake sounds Devine :)